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If you decide to take a local fixer or producer on your crew, you (will have) made the right choice. Aside from preparing all local pre-production segments of a film shoot, our fixers will (subtly) take care of all organisational aspects in the background, so that you may concentrate fully on creating high-quality content.

Mediawok’s multi-lingual fixers boast a large-spanning network all over the country, allowing them to provide the best tips for you (in things) like finding the right interview partner, a position for the perfect shot or even the best place to have lunch. Often times, locals will also communicate much more openly with you if you have a fixer who knows the culture and local dialect to translate, especially in the provinces outside of Bangkok where it is more difficult to get by with English, which in turn will offer more variety and flexibility for your content.

Our experienced fixers can be an vital asset to your crew. If you choose to work with them, you will be able to enjoy all the perks you never knew you wanted!


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